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The Keys of G -Skip

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Jazz is variations of complicated simplicity...a set of spontaneous conversations between the musician, the instruments and its audience. No one just listens to jazz...they participate in it. Each key, each note is its own expression of reality; a personal, spiritual journey. It breaths, it's fluid and it's different with each encounter. 


Jazz happens! and it will live on forever in the hearts of its participants.




Skip G.



Upcoming CD Release...


The long-awaited release of "At Last - Forever",  will be available in the very near future. The CD is a display of the eclectic vibes that tell the story of the many experiences I have had as a part of the jazz community. It is a compilation of swing, Latin, funk, fusion, big band, and others. It takes us back to the jazz of old, when jazz was played in the clubs and streets of New Orleans. This CD is a spiritual journey of the many facets of jazz. Some old, some new, but never changing.


Come along...take this journey with me At Last - Forever.